East Side Mix Tape (2cds) $13.99


1          Dancin', Smokin, Drinkin'
(with Kurupt, Mr. Shadow)
2          Fuck the System
(with Down, Roscoe)
3          All Night Long
(with Seldom Seen)
4          California
(with ODM, Wicked Minds)
5          La's Most Wanted
(with Lil Cuete, Mr. Capone-E, MR Criminal)
6          Where My Ridaz At
(with Brown Boy)
7          Who Be the Bad M.F.
(with Mr. Lil' One)
8          Trucha Policia
(with Down)
9          Go Ahead
(with Lil Rob, Mr. Shadow)
10        Can I
(with Lawless)
11        Brown Pride
(with Wicked Minds, Lil Rob)
12        Lexo's & Hoes
(with Slow Pain)
13        Menage a Trois
(with Mr. Shadow, Don Cisco, Frankie J, Baby Beesh)
14        Goin Solo
(with Deuce Mob)
15        Stompin on the Concrete
(with JV)
16        En Kalifas
(with Mr. Knightowl)
17        Baby Girl
(with Lil Cuete)
18        Karma
(with Mr. Lil' One)
19        Love Hurts
(with Lawless)
20        On a Come Up
(with Mr. Capone-E, MR Criminal)
21        Way Og
(with Mr. Knightowl, Kokane)
22        Voices
(with Mr. Lil' One)
23        Evil Deeds
(with Mr. Shadow)
24        We Got Guns
(with Lil Cuete)
25        Don't Want One
(with Lil Cuete, Mr. Shadow)
26        Saturday Night Ballin'
(with Slow Pain)
27        Lowrider
(with Fingazz)
1          West Coast Gangsta
(with Mr. Knightowl, Daz Dillinger)
2          Let's Ride
(with Seldom Seen)
3          Thugfest
(with Seldom Seen)
4          Blow Your Lights Own
(with Diamonique, Seldom Seen)
5          Trace You in Chalk
(with Seldom Seen, Lil Cuete)
6          Hi Jack the Dopeman
(with Down)
7          Just a Playa
(with Nino Brown, Slow Pain)
8          Let It Bounce
(with Wicked Minds)
9          Soy la Baby Wicked
(with Baby Wicked)
10        West Coast Gangsta
(with Mr. Capone-E, MR Criminal, Frank V.)
11        More Bounce
(with Mr. Shadow, Seldom Seen)
12        Latin Rollers
(with ODM, Slow Pain)
13        Loddy Doddy
(with Mr. Lil' One)
14        Stay With Me
(with Mr. Lil' One)
15        Me Andan Buscando
(with Mr. Knightowl)
16        Apocalypse
(with Lil Rob, Mr. Shadow)
17        Expekt the Unexpekted
(with Mr. Shadow)
18        Hollow Point
(with Mr. Lil' One, Mr. Knightowl)
19        Rainy Days
(with Lil Cuete)
20        Harder & Harder
(with Deuce Mob)
21        Twisted
(with Alt, JV)
22        Be Thankful for What You Got See All 99
(with Fingazz)
23        Runnin' Game
(with Lil Cuete, Kozme)
24        Southsider Smokeout
(with Hi Power Soldiers)
25        Who's Next
(with Lawless)
26        Estylo Frio
(with Don Cisco, Lawless)
27        Smokerz Groove
(with Mr. Shadow)
28        No Jealously
(with Bizzy Bone, Lil Cuete)

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